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  1. back07 Jan 06, 2014

    hi everyon!

  2. ToshiroBurrito Jul 19, 2013

    Welcome to the group, akiyama25! :D Have fun here! :) I feel like the group has been inactive WAY too long. We need some kind of contest to bring new members and be more active. What if we have a image posting contest? :) Me and the other moderators can be judges, and you guys bring the best picture of Zero or Ciel (or both) and post it with your comment :) It will be a great way to be more active in the group? :D

    What do you say guys? :) Btw, found the most hilarious picture ever xD

  3. immihitsugaya Mar 22, 2013

    Me:Ciel-sama! Where's Sebastian?
    Ciel:In the kitchen Immi-chan
    Me:Okay thanks
    Ciel:No Prob! Immi-sama...
    Me:Yes Ciel-kun?
    *Zero walks in, and kisses me*
    Me:Hiya Zero-senpai!
    Zero:Hiya Immi...

    Zero and Ciel are both CUTE!

    merged: 03-26-2013 ~ 04:08am
    Epic nosebleed attack I had watching Black butler yesterday...But anyways Hi guys...It's really gloomy out today

  4. ToshiroBurrito Feb 05, 2013

    Welcome to the group cake-chan^^ *Gives warm welcome muffin* :D Enjoy ur stay! XD

    merged: 03-20-2013 ~ 03:16am
    Welcome Immi-chan~! :D :D

  5. ElectricHeart Feb 04, 2013

    Hey guys o/
    new in here call me cake-chan \o/
    join if you love ciel or zero....or both loled alot at this \o
    anyways great group and anime watchlist lol

  6. Angi Retired Moderator Jan 25, 2013

    Welcome Happytail!
    btw some stuff I found:

  7. ToshiroBurrito Jan 25, 2013

    Welcome to the group, Happytail-kun! :) *Gives a warm welcoming muffin*

  8. happytail73 Jan 25, 2013

    I want too join here!

    merged: 01-25-2013 ~ 04:51am
    Thank you for accepting me here.

  9. Fujiupoma Jan 16, 2013

    Quote by ToshiroBurritoWelcome to the group, Fujiupoma-chan! :) *Gives a warm welcome muffin*

    Arigatuo Muffin-chan! :)

  10. Angi Retired Moderator Jan 16, 2013

    *noms muffin* ok I will Toshi :3 and thanks for the welcome!

  11. ToshiroBurrito Jan 15, 2013

    Welcome to the group, xangel-chan!^^ *Gives muffin* By the way, if you have any friends interested, you should totally invite them here! XD

  12. Angi Retired Moderator Jan 15, 2013

    OMG, I should join here *_*

  13. ToshiroBurrito Jan 04, 2013

    Welcome to the group, Fujiupoma-chan! :) *Gives a warm welcome muffin*

  14. Fujiupoma Jan 04, 2013


  15. ToshiroBurrito Dec 26, 2012

    Welcome to the group, Kotoko-chan^^ Hope you have fun here! :) *Leaves a muffin*
    Also, I found this really funny picture, perfect for the group! XD

  16. Minmie Dec 26, 2012

    Hi everyone...! I'm Kotoko ;) You can call me Kotoko-chan :) I'm a huge fan of Zero Kiryu <3

  17. Sharon-sama Dec 25, 2012

    Merry Christmas Muffin-chan !

  18. ToshiroBurrito Dec 18, 2012

    Welcome, Noorrasyiqah-chan! :D Also, Merry Christmas my fellow members! :)

  19. back07 Nov 02, 2012


  20. ToshiroBurrito Nov 01, 2012


  21. back07 Sep 24, 2012

    welcome Sharon-sama.

  22. Sharon-sama Sep 21, 2012

    Quote by ToshiroBurritoWELCOME SHARON-CHAN! XD XD There's muffins backstage. You're welcome to get some :) Also, remember to invite you're friends to our humble group XD

    Thank you very much! XD

  23. ToshiroBurrito Sep 21, 2012

    WELCOME SHARON-CHAN! XD XD There's muffins backstage. You're welcome to get some :) Also, remember to invite you're friends to our humble group XD

  24. back07 Sep 06, 2012

    welcome elisadevelon

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